Words don’t you just love them?

Words don’t you just love them?

These inescapable creatures

Everyday tempters

Intelligibility, they have it in spades

Unavoidable once you wake

Undoubtedly they never sleep

They are there in your dreams

In your screams.

They have no problem with repetition

Thrive on hyperbole.

O’re yon high eastward hill

 Housed in his hamlet he’ll write words at will

Shakespeare he may never be

Lives in a land of fiction

Living in the world words

Equates to waking each morning to joyous madness.

©Chris Black.

12th March 2020

Poetry from The Man Shed

~The Poet’s Poet~

#Poetry #amwriting  

12 thoughts on “Words don’t you just love them?

  1. Oh Chris, “words”, we’d like to own them, but they’re not ours to own….. I don’t Know if you’ve seen this piece, written by a friend of mine, Joshua,

    “There is no word greater than another,
    No word that only sleeps with the
    king or is only spoken by the servant,
    Or written on walls in the city by
    rebellious teens
    There is no word that fights in a war
    with only fists

    Or sails the sea for love, or with love,
    There is no word greater than the
    mouth that speaks it.
    There is no word more beautiful than
    There is no word that is paid to be
    listened to, nor begs for attention, or
    only cries, or only sleeps, or cries
    itself to sleep.

    There is no word more beautiful than
    the mouth that speaks it.
    There are merely words, and every
    one of them as important as both the
    next and the last, as pressing as
    future, present and past, as human as
    you, me or us.
    And we too,
    Are like words,
    Sometimes we are together and seem
    as if we’ve always been,
    As inseparable as to-do or have-been
    joined by the dash,
    But other times we are distant, we
    appear only in the beginning or the
    end, or something in between, but
    that means no less of us, for we are
    still a part of the story, as essential as
    any word that has already been
    written or the ones that are still in
    There is no word that goes unspoken,
    that needs to be.
    All things will happen in time, and to
    force them, is to skip the most exciting
    There is no word that runs faster than
    another, none that overtake or jump
    the queue, all words honour the mind
    in which they are from.
    There is no word greater than another,
    yet I will follow “you”.
    *  Printed with permission from, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog…..

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    1. Great tutors make good Poet’s Walt. Thank you. Have missed you over the past week, in these most challenging times I hope both you and Susan are safe and well. So far we have escaped in our household long may it continue.


      1. I was in hospital from Early Monday morning until last night for Conjective Heart Failure. I have been being treated for lymphedema and the fluid was not being reduced. Hopefully the meds will help. I am very discouraged, but thankful it is not worse news.

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