One room, one window, one door.

One room, one window, one door. Today he took his walk of recreation A few steps further down the well beaten track This time there was no turning back Freedom tasted sweet as sweet could be He had been cooped up for several weeks Covid 19 and that certain age made sure of that He […]


Constant in his belief.

Constant in his belief. Withered, all withered Words, infrequent visitors No longer leaving imprints upon a page He sits, suffering The anguish of not writing As he fails, then rises, then fails again Inside his head, he frets On the outside, no one understands. When will his exhaustion be complete? It helps, he tells himself […]

Acrostic Poetry.

Sunday. A caustic Acrostic. Sabbath, on this day you shall rest says the Lord Under no circumstances should you toil Now dear friends, it is a different story Don’t have work to go to, the world is in lockdown About us, death and destruction of life as we know it Yes of course there is […]

Dreaming of –

Dreaming of Dreaming of the countryside he longs to see again In all it greenery The country, his home its scenery Walking upstream by a silent river Looking out on rolling hills. Together this combination, the best medicine Setting the scene For peace of mind and clarity of thought Pleasures in life which money cannot […]

Down on the farm.

Down on the farm. On days when the skies were filled with rain Black as ink clouds sat heavily over our little haven Jobs around the farm were curtailed Which gave us children more time inside With granny and granddad. Times like this were like gold dust to us We learned to play card games […]

The beyond will continue to be out there.

The beyond will continue to be out there. In this island of his afternoon He waits in anticipation For the rattle of the trolley The jangle of knife, fork and spoon. His room sparse though it may be Is his home forever and a day Yes he knows day from night. Weeks tumble into months […]

He’d be lost without repetition.

He’d be lost without repetition. Squirrelling away information Always guarantees success? Sitting in his talking chair He is never short of a word The sound of bird song Another source of inspiration Their varying sounds Akin to the variety of words He has in his vocabulary Not at all a boast, just fact!!! Sitting lakeside, […]

Some are restless dreams.

Some are restless dreams. Dreams fall into morning mist He awakes wondering what he missed His relationship with dreams two fold Those he wishes he could remember Those he can recall but can never be told Journeys travelled, people he encountered Words and photographs, that guitar he plucked That forgot how to play. What his […]

Leaving on his mind.

Leaving on his mind. One of these days down the road He was heading to a place where the water tastes like wine Plans, dreams, don’t you just have to have them? Sipping his scotch and water Leafing through travel brochures Pondering. To whom it may concern True love comes just once in a lifetime […]

At that certain age in life.

At that certain age in life. The family echoed as one voice You’re getting spruced up? An instant comeback Well what the heck. I’ll not allow this cocooning Become a pain in the neck This few moments freedom Is all that is required To get me up and running Get those pistons fired Shake up […]

Like pilgrims on a pilgrimage they followed.

Like pilgrims on a pilgrimage they followed. Today he walked from room to room For a change of solitude Thus concentrating the mind The last light of the setting sun Bowing to the moon of night Being now at peace with his thoughts This was his time of contemplating Meditating on what he might write […]

Testing the product called life.

Testing the product called life. Sweep away the sawdust in his head (poems) Somewhere in those hundreds of little rooms (poems) There must be the ingredients loco citato poems and such? That magic lantern which surfaced will shed some light? It is impossible to say what will emerge But sure as God made little apples […]

#Acrostic poem.

#Acrostic poem. Cocooned. Come with me into my Man Shed Open your mind to being removed from familiar routines Could anything be more difficult? Operating alone in a room for fourteen days and nights Only consolation to defeat the boredom Naturally, the time to read and write will Evidently result in broadening the knowledge Deepen […]

Always in search of wisdom.

Always in search of wisdom. They put the wire in again I watch, as the map of my heart Moves across the screen in lines. I’m alive I say in jubilation They nod tap me on the shoulder and move on Reaching across to the bedside locker I pick up my “Walt Whitman” quote My […]

The atmosphere is chill.

The atmosphere is chill This is a bitter pill to swallow We must believe, now in unreal times Onward! Onward! We must travel. Fate dictates this, as the world unravels No point taking the high moral ground Bite the bullet as we go to ground. Traffic and trade across world suspended. They have no wish […]

As you go.

As you go. As you go through life You are wished wind for your sail. Success as you venture on that that path of dreams. Food for your hunger. A lust for life. Ink for your pen. The readiness to forgive. A hand for friendship. A tongue to speak no evil. A voice of hope. […]

Silence settled over him.

Silence settled over him. From the far end of memory Before daylight is everywhere He settled in to write. The sleeping earth overflowed With poetic thoughts. Having many a vacant hour to pass All alive in his heavenly domain The bay-window slung open Allowed sounds permeate this writing space Words, wormed their way Leaving a […]

Yes, this can go viral

Acrostic poetry. (Pandemic) Positivity people, do not panic All will again be well with the world No obeying orders will be our downfall Don’t go on solo runs Extra precautions must be taken, it is for our own wellbeing Mindfulness, something we should all try and pursue Indeed mind one another, a priority Coming together […]

Follow all regulations.

Follow all regulations. Mind how you go. Don’t panic buy. Keep your distance. Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness. We are living in pandemic times’ No one knows what the end result will be. We can keep contact remotely. Talk, talk, talk. Isolate if we must. Be not afraid. We are all in this together. […]

Words don’t you just love them?

Words don’t you just love them? These inescapable creatures Everyday tempters Intelligibility, they have it in spades Unavoidable once you wake Undoubtedly they never sleep They are there in your dreams In your screams. They have no problem with repetition Thrive on hyperbole. O’re yon high eastward hill  Housed in his hamlet he’ll write words […]

Needle in a haystack.

Needle in a haystack. This viral epidemic consuming the world Seeking out a cure appears a long way off? Conflicting reports on how to cope Leads one to wonder, is there any hope Yet we as people will survive It’s in our DNA to stay alive. The saying “man mind thyself, woman do likewise” Now […]

Acrostic Poem.

Acrostic poem. Language. Learning to write #Acrosticpoetry, you must Never say never. Gather your thoughts Unravel them Allow yourself make errors, do not chastise Go for a walk in your mind and remember always Every cloud has a silver lining. © Chris Black 9th March 2020 Poetry from The Man Shed ~The Poets Poet~

Ode to a sling.

Ode to a sling. Last Thursday he had shoulder surgery To assist his recovery he was fitted with a sling Secured around the waist and across the shoulder Now his right arm being out of commission leaves him Struggling to come to terms with learning to be ambidextrous Mighty difficult it must be said Tapping […]

Corona virus

Acrostic poem. (c|) Chris Black 3rd March 2020 Poetry from The Man Shed ~The Poet’s Poet~ Could this be what brings the world togetherness? Only time will tell Regular updates Opens the mind to the severity Not everyone will take heed Although most will adhere Very difficult to get everyone to obey directions If of […]

The colour of beauty.

From the vacant sky Spring rainfall The sound of scampering mice Both played their music On the corrugated roof. While a north-westerly Whistled tunes through rusted keyholes. At its invisible end The wind blew melodically in the forest. Withered, all withered The pillow of cuttings Crunched beneath our feet. Poetry from The Man Shed © […]

Time out.

From a distance she caught my eye Knitted poncho, shoulder length blonde hair. People watch, why do we do it? Just in case, well just in case. Placed next to my large Americano My unopened copy of Tall Tales and wee stories Most people enjoy their own company. At the adjacent table, a lunch briefing […]

The only way is up.

We step inside, it’s automated Long time since the likes were gated Though they do still exist No lift attendant – the good old days? Doors closing the Lady says Going up she speaks once more A number of stops before the top floor Peering out through the glass cage High, high, above the crowds […]

#Acrostic Poem.

So Today’s the day. Verily I say to you Allow yourself get Lost in the Excitement of the day No one deserves to be left alone on This day of days It’s not too late to buy those Rose’s Never too late to bond Express those feelings hug, embrace, kiss Show affection (not just today […]

In hushed tones he wrote.

In hushed tones he wrote Let today be productive Allow the writing be constructive. Write all thoughts down Don’t just converse. Writing couplets, is not like pulling teeth Think razor sharp mind. 10am: coffee brewed Beethoven on the turntable. Viewed through the window pane Softly, snowflakes tumble from the heavens. Ravens quarrel over scraps A […]

Catastrophic occurrence.

Catastrophic occurrence At the top of the hill close to home The dog, doing as dogs do When a cat suddenly appears from undergrowth Made a surge forward Breaking lose Meaning no offence of course Went in search of this feline Leaving master floundering in his wake. In vain calling man’s best friend, to no […]

Nature’s garden.

In nature’s garden The woods’ excitement for our spring visit Echoes as we sing a cheery song Leaves no longer shaded out Rustle rushes through the trees Sound of a brook, water cold as spring We cup our hands taste and feel its freshness Looking away into the distance Far off, the end of the […]

While a bat explores.

He leans on his elbow, thinks. A pair of owls coo. Sitting in his swing chair Late into this winter’s night Clear star lit sky Full moon Hanging by an invisible thread Contemplating. Silence of the night Willing him to write. Night wind, soothing. His thoughts fall on those departed Those apart Forever joined For […]

Ploughing his way through life.

Ploughing his way through life Granddad was a slave to the labour of the day Each day he’d strive to be that much better. As he yoked both grey mares Never allowing his head to drop Pride in everything you do, he’d preach. Life’s comforts for him Watching blackened fields sprout new life. His steady […]

A frequent muser.

 He tried it because he heard it said Truly, there is no right side of the bed To emerge from in the “write” frame of mind So busy yourself with differing thoughts Considered the wise “old” muse So he pondered. In the depth of winter Trees have lost their clothing Long sleeved branches shiver Longing […]

A turning point.

Where sun and moon intersect A breeze leafed through his open book Looking for a poem he whispered Or maybe a winter’s tale The breeze continued leafing making no reply Leaving him shadowed by a passing cloud Then came stillness, his book fell open Revealing a winter Haiku Tears from the heavens The mastery of […]

Haunted memories.

They are long gone The house was left exposed Strangeness an eerie feeling Feel hairs stand up on your arms That house has lost all its charm The hearth is bare, we stand and stare At the picture on the wall, cobwebbed We raise our eyes to the highest heavens She dabbed her eyes, he […]


As cool as the other side of his pillow Two days beard growth, hair, more shape on a hay rick That’s the way the thinking process is this morning Not such a pleasant sight in the breaking light of dawn Twisting, turning, uneasy in himself Then to rub salt into the wound if you will […]

Sometimes they lose the plot

Poets, they think they know a lot Later he would engage in wordplay Today was a sad yet busy day It afforded him little time to think Now in the silence of nightfall He took some time to reflect, recall This in turn moved the mind on to a poetic link This perfect moment of […]

From bookworm to author.

From bookworm to author Use language we can comprehend At times you tend to deliver words Mere mortals do not understand. Yes, there are poems/stories you destroy With ‘artificial’ words, is that so you can get by? It may assist you with a given subject Take a moment to reflect Consider, should I revert back […]

A poem from a forthcoming collection titled Down on the farm

Thursday’s segment. The Great Blaskets