While a bat explores.

He leans on his elbow, thinks. A pair of owls coo. Sitting in his swing chair Late into this winter’s night Clear star lit sky Full moon Hanging by an invisible thread Contemplating. Silence of the night Willing him to write. Night wind, soothing. His thoughts fall on those departed Those apart Forever joined For […]

Ploughing his way through life.

Ploughing his way through life Granddad was a slave to the labour of the day Each day he’d strive to be that much better. As he yoked both grey mares Never allowing his head to drop Pride in everything you do, he’d preach. Life’s comforts for him Watching blackened fields sprout new life. His steady […]

A frequent muser.

 He tried it because he heard it said Truly, there is no right side of the bed To emerge from in the “write” frame of mind So busy yourself with differing thoughts Considered the wise “old” muse So he pondered. In the depth of winter Trees have lost their clothing Long sleeved branches shiver Longing […]

A turning point.

Where sun and moon intersect A breeze leafed through his open book Looking for a poem he whispered Or maybe a winter’s tale The breeze continued leafing making no reply Leaving him shadowed by a passing cloud Then came stillness, his book fell open Revealing a winter Haiku Tears from the heavens The mastery of […]

Haunted memories.

They are long gone The house was left exposed Strangeness an eerie feeling Feel hairs stand up on your arms That house has lost all its charm The hearth is bare, we stand and stare At the picture on the wall, cobwebbed We raise our eyes to the highest heavens She dabbed her eyes, he […]


As cool as the other side of his pillow Two days beard growth, hair, more shape on a hay rick That’s the way the thinking process is this morning Not such a pleasant sight in the breaking light of dawn Twisting, turning, uneasy in himself Then to rub salt into the wound if you will […]

Sometimes they lose the plot

Poets, they think they know a lot Later he would engage in wordplay Today was a sad yet busy day It afforded him little time to think Now in the silence of nightfall He took some time to reflect, recall This in turn moved the mind on to a poetic link This perfect moment of […]

From bookworm to author.

From bookworm to author Use language we can comprehend At times you tend to deliver words Mere mortals do not understand. Yes, there are poems/stories you destroy With ‘artificial’ words, is that so you can get by? It may assist you with a given subject Take a moment to reflect Consider, should I revert back […]

Another of life's twists and turns.

Deep into the forest he took himself To his favourite haunt There’ took his seat on the carved out tree stump Just the rustling of trees to disturb his thoughts. Serious issues he was capable of dealing with It was those trivial issues that really upset him It was something about nothing, in his opinion […]

Softly, in the dusk she landed.

He placed the two pronged ladder Through the apple tree It is winter he grumbled There should be no need of this The cider scent from the tree Was the only consolation As he scrambled through the boughs The voice from the upper window Informing him – keep left a little Mind your step, his […]

He sits looking out the window.

He sits looking out the window Night has fallen in his house of words Mercury dropping, taste of hot whisky awaits Soon it will be zero hour, brightness awaits He huddles beside burning embers Windows and doors shuttered against all weathers Bolted tight against the thief Yet the threat of entry remains Daybreak will see […]

Silent hours of love.

Silent hours of love. Such sights the ancient poet dreams Dreams of pomp and ceremony Revellers dressed in colours multitude Others chanting immoral poetic verse Then this melting voice A calmness to proceedings brings Delights the brood then in haste she leaves. [Sober, steadfast and demure] She leans across kisses him tenderly Startled, he awoke […]

From a child we adults must learn.

From a child we adults must learn Down he lay hands and feet scrambling Surrounded by the essence of merriment A new beginning for many Who tomorrow will arise and go about their business For him in his mind – no such prospect The Baby born in the manger Had at least comfort and a […]

An acrostic thought for January 2020

An acrostic thought for January 2020 Jettisoned into a new decade Allow time to contemplate on New Year’s resolutions U-turns where they are concerned As you are aware, common practice Remember, render onto Caesar what is Caesars You will then have cleared the first hurdle and set yourself a pattern. Poetry from The Man Shed […]

Never, just another year.

Drawing to its close, this road winds onwards and upwards Journeys, for some at least are easier now as heretofore Each step we take though is made worthwhile By those we encounter on our travails We keep them alive in our memory Are thankful for their presence As this decade draws to a close This […]

His writing room

Filled with silent companions Yet they speak volumes Words their sheer mass Overwhelming to some? Ink blots on a page Make every word intelligible Staring through closed eyelids Imagining the end product Overwhelming to some? Words, their sheer mass Walking straight lines or raggedy paths From whosever pen Overwhelming to some? As a matter of […]

One day at a time.

Those family portraits on the wall above her bed She looks longingly at them, nothing is said Peeling back the eiderdown, lies down to rest her head Soon they’ll be around, this fills her with some kind of dread Pampering time they call it She would tell you in silent whispers – she thinks it’s […]

Writing is great therapy.

Writing is great therapy May not be for everybody Sitting down with the challenge of an empty page- Once the first word is laid down, continue stage by stage  Not always having a ready topic  Does not faze him anymore, nor fill him with dreaded fear It may not turn out to be a masterpiece, […]

Today the wind had a bite in it.

Knowing a rainbow had nowhere to hide He sought solace walking in the woods. The trees on his tramp through the woods Busy with incessant rain fall. Their boughs shaking off yellowed leaves. The vapours, and the blended notes of Birdsong enhanced this constitutional. The various gifts the wood dispenses Manna for the writer within. […]

In increasing misery,

Under the colour of the moon As the winter wind blew chill He made himself “comfortable” In an open doorway. Loneliness, its fragrance “nil” Rucksack his travellers pillow – His security blanket. His secret prayer may be “Tomorrow guide me on my way” Once the cock has crowed Announcing the coming of a new day […]

Through wind and mist

Glistening sunlight upon the dew Welcomes a winter morning Crows skawking, cawing scavenge for scraps While a murmuration of starlings Far out over sand dunes Put on a magic show for an audience of one The golden sand today Blackened from constant rainfall and stormy winds Littered with debris Washed in from sea and close […]

Winter woes

Seeking shelter beneath a leafless tree In this thrum of incessant rain With the day becoming darker than night Feeling marooned. The sky artist painting deepening grey lines Seeking sanctuary with blurred eyes Darkness can speak strange languages He stares at nothingness, the mind blank. For some kind of comfort he spoke the words of […]

An instinctive jab of pen on paper.

Across this blank page his fingers move Make indentations in each groove Sowing seeds between each line. At the outset he has many muddled thoughts Which at times realise naught Set aside, at a later time they will be resurrected. In the future into poems injected. Sewn into the fabric of a page May give […]

Setting aside thoughts

In the poem, the poet is never the point He is at best the tour guide The first thing the reader should see Is a picture of what is about to unfold Bright colours, cheerfulness, all manner of things Not everyone will form the same picture in the mind And so it should be, the […]